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A 0.05 L sample of 0.2 M aqueous hydrochloric acid is added to 0.05 L of 0.2 M aqueous ammonia in a calorimeter. Heat capacity of entire calorimeter system is 480 J/K. The temperature increase is 1.09 K. Calculate `Delta_(r )H^(@)` in kJ/mol for the following reaction : <br> `HCl(aq.)+NH_(3)(aq.)rarrNH_(4)Cl(aq.)`

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Answer :
Solution :
m mole of acid `=0.05 xx 0.2 =0.01` <br> `Delta_(r )H^(@)=-(480xx1.09)/(0.01 xx 1000)=-52.32 " kJ"//"mol"`


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