`._(88)^(226)Ra to ._(Z)^(A)Rn+._(2)^(4)He` <br> Radon is prepared by `alpha`-decay from radium, in above reaction A and Z are respectively

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

(A) 226, 86(B) 222,90(C) 222,86(D) 230,90

Answer :


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latest solve this question the question says that radium ITI 8226 gives ridden Z A plus Helium to read own is prepared by Alpha decay from radium in the above reaction A and Z are respectively option a 22686 option B 22290 option C 22286 option d 23092 in this question it is given that Britain is prepared by the Alpha decay from freedom and reaction is given no in reaction we have that and A and B have to find out the value of that and now here we have radium radium has atomic number 88 it in it is written in the subscript and it is having mass number 226 which is written in the superscript now during

DK Alpha decay it forms radon having atomic number Z and mass number 8 plus Helium 24 no Helium 24 basically the Alpha particle Alpha particle so there is emission of Alpha particle now here is that it is the atomic number right red is the atomic number of radon and a is the mass number mass number of hidden and we have to find the value of these now what happens during Alpha decay that we have one react and that is radium Alpha decay there is a mission of Alpha particle Alpha particle is Helium 24 Itni atomic number of helium is 2 and mass number is four

now we're getting used to compare the atomic number in radium the atomic number is 88 and we are getting two products trade on and Helium the atomic number of Z and of helium is to hear 88 will be equal to Z plus to solve this we get Z is equal to 88 - 2 which will be equal to 86 atomic number of radon is 80 delivery when we compared the mass number and mass number 226 will be equal to a plus 4 guide to from here I will be equal to 2 26 - 4 which will be equal to 222

the value of a is 222 this question we were asked about the value of A and Z so a is 222 and Z is ATC so if you look at the options we have to see a and b have a 222 so we have two options BMC A and B are wrong illiteracy in BMC in b z is given 90 this is wrong in c z is 786 this is the correct option option C is the correct to 2 86 is D answer option C is the answer of the question thank you

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