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States Of Matter


400 mL of N_(2) gas at 700 mm ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : Total volume of container `=2L=200mL` <br> partial pressure of `N_(2)` is <br> `700xx400=P_(2)xx200mL(P_(1)V_(1)=P_(2)V_(2))` <br> `thereforeP_(H_(2))=(700xx400)/(2000)=140`mm <br> Partial pressure of `H_(2)` is <br> `300mLxx800mm=P_(O_(2))xx200mL` <br> `thereforeP_(O_(2))=(300xx800)/(2000)=120mm` <br> `therefore` final pressure of the gas mixture <br> `=P_(O_(2))+P_(H_(2))` <br> `=120mm+140mm` <br> `=260mm`


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hello everyone we have this question where 400 ml of N2 gas at 700 mm and 300 ml of H2 gas at 800 mm now this pressure are given in mm of HG are introduced into a vessel of 2 litre at the same temperature now we have to calculate the final pressure of the gas mixture so we have to and we have H2O in case of into we have equals to 700 mm of HG we have we as 400ml is a P1 and

V1 no according to Boyle's law is inversely proportional to be so P1 V1 equals to P2 V2 similarly for each to 100 mm of HG and be one is equals to 300 ml no 4 into P1 V1 equals to p2v to so P2 equals to P1 V1 by v21 value is given 700 in to be one that is 400 / V2 V2 we will take as to L

because that is the vessel in which both of these gases are introduced so Vito is 2000 because 2 litre equals to 2 into 10 ^ 3 ml which is equals to 2000 ml from your we get the value of P to as 140 mm of now we will create the same for age to not this P to which you got is actually the partial pressure of N2 this is the partial pressure of N2 similarly letters find out what is the partial pressure of H2 here also be 1 v 1 equals to p22

and you will get the value of P to as P1 V1 by V2 which is equal to 800 into 300 / 2002 will get the value of P to as 120 mm of age now we use dalten equation where the total pressure will be equal to the partial pressure of into plus the process pressure of H2 that means P2 dash let us take this recipe to dash and P2

hash Soapy to dash + B2 which means 140 plus 120 mans to 60 mm of age this will be the final pressure of the gaseous mixture thank you


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