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32 g of oxygen and 1 g of hydrogen are placed in 1.12 litre flask at 0C. Find the total pressure in atm of the gas mixture.


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hello everyone here the portion is 32 gram of Oxygen and one gram of hydrogen are placed in 1.12 class at zero degree celsius find the total pressure in ATM of the site so first we calculate the number of moles of Oxygen and hydrogen so moles of oxygen net is given mass of 1 molar mass molar mass is 32 gram per mole and given masik 32 gram so it becomes one mall and the mass of hydrogen so given masses 10 g and molar mass of hydrogen is 20.5 Mall Total number of mould is 1.5 and we know that we know that baby is equal to ideal gas equation that it PV = nrt
NIT we have to calculate value of precious op is equal to it and it often be so we put the values so it is 0.5 more sorry 1.5 more 1.5 Mol plus sorry multiply gas constant that is 0.0821 ATM l k inverse modulo inverse right into temperature 273 K upon volume 31.12 l at sweaters cancel out K K cancel out Mall in versus cancel upright row from here after calculating 8 week
the value of P that is 30188 so are correct option is option for thank you

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