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Class 12






Introduction To Organic Chemistry


2,3-dimethyl hexane contains "...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Telugu students the question is 23 dimethylheptane contains that tertiary dash secondary and dash primary respectively and options fall report writing on the structure of tooth and we should know what are primary and secondary industry is for the attached only one carbon atom is attached to only one carbon atom then this type of carbon will be known as a primary carbon is also directly

knowledge the secondary carbon carbon is attached to two carbon atoms directly attached 21 and 22 this is your type of carbon in carbon to carbon atoms directly similarly if a carbon is attached to directly 23 carbon atoms like this ok is this carbon this part is that as to how many carbon

brushes factor of 2 3 dimethyl exit exam class 6 carbon atoms in the main contain 1234 123456 light let's number it like this will give numbering 1 2 3 4 5 and 6 in a given to 3 dimethyl amine October number 2 there is a method rope attached ok number 3 also attached like this this is to 3 is a knowledge complete the valency it is CH3 ch2

CH ok because only one I will be there this will be a Ch 2 write this is your ch2 again Aditya Ch 3 ok so now let me something so that it will not cause any confusion so you this is the fact that would be better to be like this ch3ch CH3 Ch CH3 ch2 ch2 Ch 3 1 2 3 4 5 and 6 number in which will remain the same now if you see let's go from Karva Number

12 Kharghar number 6 Pro CC Discover 1000 to Kharghar number 3 number 4 number 5 and cover number 6 ok let's number this has less number of this as well just for you don't do this and just taking it so that it so that I can say that I can slide it will be convenient for restaurant knowledge this is what is attached to how many carbon atoms 1008 indirectly will be your item will be your primary carbon right number 23 Anthony write 1 to entry fee carbon atoms that was a tertiary carbon atom similarly this

carbon-carbon number 3 this is one two and three and directly to this Karbonn directly attached to this carbon and directly attached to this 337 is also a time and this item is directly attached only one carbon atoms of this is primary ok one carbon atom it is not attached to an even

if it is attached to this carbon only so that this is also a triangle 2 3 and 4 secondary how many carbon atoms are there in to only how many carbon atoms are there is one and only again just now now let's master answers if we see in the question it is 23 dimethylhexane contain dash surgery how many types Re Tu Kaun banata so let's right here to tertiary Hamari secondary to secondary secondary and how many

22424 this is the correct answer as we have just seen understood thank you so much

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