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Class 12






Redox Reactions


2 g of brass containing Cu and...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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everyone had the question is 2 G of brass containing Copper and zinc carbonate react with three Amazon of dissolution following are the reaction taking place you and the liberated NO2 gas was found to be 1.0 for l to at 25 degree Celsius and 1 ATM pressure copper and Molecular weight and Molecular weight are given the percentage by mass of copper in brass was so we are to find the percentage by mass so we write the first Formula because we have to calculate only copper mass of copper percentage mass of copper so we need only formula first sorry reaction fast so it is copper when get with HNO3 HNO3 AC was it gives you and of the whole + CU no3 whole twice + 2 + 2 and + water so where we have to balance so we had therefore we add your 4

and here it is 2 and a row so sweet so that foreign 2248 sorry available in so so that your one mole of copper react with 2 mole of NO2 so we have calculated that mall of CPU is equal to half half mole of N2 and O2 so we calculate the mole of NO2 by the given that is we have the relation of TVS call to nrt from here we have to calculate the number of moles of NO2 so volume it is given that is 1.0 for their volume 1.04 l and temperature that is 25 degree Celsius

convert into Kelvin that is 298 Kelvin and place that is one ATM and the other is gas constant that is 0.0821 l ATM per Mall per mukhya so after putting all this value we find number of mole of NO2 Sofia upon RT TV show pressure is one ATM into 1.04 upon 0.0821 in 2298 resolving this week at 0.04 25 so this Mall is of NO2 so here is the role of CPU is equal to half of mole of N2 mole of NO2 so here it is equal to 1 by 2 into

0.0 425 that is equal to zero point 02125 So the role of use find Sofia calculate the weight of CU that is equal to fall into molecular weight molecular weight is given that is 63.5 so we have here at 0.02 125 into 63.5 come 21.3 496 G this is the percentage weight of copper so percentage of percentage mass percentage of mass of copper so here 1.34 96 given into G 100 that it comes to 67.4 for option first priority 67% thank you

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