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100 " mL of " (M)/(10) Ca(MnO_...

100 " mL of " `(M)/(10)` `Ca(MnO_(4))_(2)` in acidic medium can be oxidised completely with

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

`100 " mL of " 1 M FeSO_(4)` solution`(100)/(3) " mL of " 1 M FeC_(2)O_(4)` solution25 " mL of " 1 M `K_(2)Cr_(2)O_(7)` solution75 " mL of " 1 M `C_(2)O_(4)^(2-)` solution

Answer :
Solution :
`(10e^(-)+2MnO_(4)^(ɵ)to2Mn^(2+))(n=10)` <br> (a). `Fe^(2+)toFe^(3+)+e^(-)(n=1)` <br> m" Eq of "`Ca(MnO_(4))_(2)=100xx(1)/(10)xx10=100` <br> m" Eq of "`FeSO_(4)=100xx1=100` <br> (b). `m" Eq of "FeC_(2)O_(4)(n=3),{:[(Fe^(2+)toFe^(+3)+e^(-)),(C_(2)O_(4)^(2-)to2CO_(2)+2e^(-))]:}` <br> `=(100)/(3)xx3xx1` <br> `=100=m" Eq of "Ba(MnO_(4))_(2)` <br> (c). `m" Eq of "K_(2)Cr_(2)O_(7)(n=6)=25xx1xx6=150` <br> (d). `m" Eq of "C_(2)O_(4)^(2-)(n=2)=75xx2xx1=150`.


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fashion 810 3ca mno4 old toys in acidic medium can we apply is completely with the festival in acidic medium bar magnet is oxidising as follows that the reaction so that the balance sheet an electron plus of to mno4 - this give admin + 22 MN + 2 and in this case the what do you observe that total number of electronic change it is 10 and factor in this case is 10 second dose this is the reaction involved too fast for Libra check this is so let's talk about a it is 100 ml of 1m cuso4 solution between that from Fe2 plus it is going to ft3 Plus and to balance will be at one electron between that and factor in this case is one so

lallantop CA Mallika violent of CA mno4 hole toys so this will be actually equals to this will be equal to 180 ml into strength is given 1 by 10 and in this case Airtel 10 rate for tenagers and factors formal equivalent of this is equal 200 hundred Mili equivalent similarly formal equivalent of feso4 rate so feso4 solution this will be 101 between 100 and 200 ml of 10 mno4 gold rate in acidic medium can completely oxidizer 100 ml of 1 molar solution rates of this is correct now moving toward second one element of C2 o4 every calculate so in this case and factor is equals to 3 date which means that

400 103 excellent advice given and it is a million we have three factor and multiplying with 1 molar so it is actually equals to returns 100 LED it will be also = 200 which means that what we can say that the equivalent of feso4 it is equal 200 equals to mil equivalent of CM and over all toys not talking about S 13031 Mallika valent of C2 K2 cr2 O7 rate in this case and factor is equals to 6 week and it was 25 into 6 into one molar red which is equal to 150 so this is not correct actually this is correct and this is correct and

about Malika balance of C2 o4 2 - solution so in this case value of n factor is equals to which means that 75 ml into 2 into 1 molar this is equals to 1 and 15 so this is also not correct correct option for this question is option then we thank you

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