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1 mole of 'A' 1.5 mole of 'B' ...

1 mole of 'A' 1.5 mole of 'B' and 2 mole of 'C' are taken in a vessel of volume one litre. At equilibrium concentration of C is 0.5 mole /L .Equilibrium constant for the reaction , `A_((g))+B_((g) hArr C_((g))` is


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : B


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hello everyone here the question is a one mole of a 1.5 mole of B and 2 mole of C are taken in a vessel of volume 1 litre at equilibrium concentration of 0.5 mole per litre equilibrium constant for the reaction is and the reaction is a + b gives rise to see so here we have to find out equilibrium constant of the reaction and reaction is a + b give rise to see initially at T = 20 moles of a are 1 Mol of B R 1.5 and moles of CR to now at equilibrium some part of a is associated to form the product c k so this will be 1 - X and save your 1.5 - X and C is formed SO2 + X amount of C is formed at equilibrium now at equilibrium

concentration of C is 0.5 that means concentration of see here at equilibrium status 2 + X is equals to 0.5 near the value of x will be -1.5 putting the values at equilibrium that is the value of x in the moles of its that is 1 - -1.5 and that will be 2.5 moles of a present at equilibrium and moles of B R 1.5 - -1.53 moles of B are present at equilibrium 2 plus minus 1.5 equals to 1 0.5 Mol of C are present at equal now what is equilibrium constant equilibrium

constant is the concentration of product and product here is C / concentration of the reactor and what is concentration number of moles / volume and here volume is 1 litre put the values here concentration of C at equilibrium is 0.5 concentration of a is 2.5 and concentration of B is 3 after solving the equilibrium constant will be 0.066 and the correct option here is option to

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