`1` mol of A in `1` litre vessel maintained at constant T shows the equilibrium <br> `A(g) hArr B(g) +2C(g) " " K_(C_(1))` <br> `C(g) hArr 2D(g)+3B(g) " " K_(C_(2))` <br> If the equilibrium pressure is `13/6` times of initial pressure and `[C]_(eq)=4/9[A]_(eq)`, Calculate `K_(C_(1))` and `K_(C_(2))`.

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Solution :
`{:(A(g),hArr,B(g)+,2C(g)and ,C,hArr,2D+,3B(g)),(1,,0,0,,,,),(1-a,,(a+3b),2a-b,2a-b,,2b,(a+3b)):}` <br> `:. Sigma` mole at equilibrium `=1-a+a+3b+2a-b+2b` <br> `=2a+4b+1` <br> Now, `P_("initial") prop 1` <br> `P_(eq) prop 2a+4b+1` <br> `:. 2a+4b+1=13/6` <br> or `2a+4b=7/6` <br> Also `[C]_(eq)=4/9 [A]_(eq)` <br> `2a-b=4/9xx(1-a)` <br> `22a-9b=4` <br> By equations (i) and (ii) `a=0.25, b=0.167` <br> `:. K_(C_(1))=([B][C]^(2))/([A])=((a+3b)(2a-b)^(2))/((1-a))` <br> `=([0.25+(3xx0.167)][0.5-0.167]^(2))/((1-0.25))=0.11` <br> `:. K_(C_(2))=([D]^(2)[B]^(2))/([C])=((2b)^(2)(a+3b)^(3))/((2a-b))` <br> `=([2xx0.167]^(2)[0.25+(3xx0167)]^(3))/([0.5-0.167])=0.142`


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hello students will come to me at the question that have been given one mole of a in 1 litre vessel maintained at constant temperature t and B have been given here to reaction for which we have to find PC one on the condition that is given if pressure is 13 by and also the concentration of a is equal to 4 question green write an equation getting the

composer in India what we can do right -180 and now the reaction of equal right but at the already have the right to for me it

will have to be and we already have we have tea right to it will be a plus for what we have now we have everything we have the concentration of more we can we have most of all the inert ABCD not what we can do we can just apply the idea that what identification Idol audition Fevicol Karate right now to number which means in here we have 1 - 8 plus

we have it because it be here is a plus 3D be here will also be a plus 3D write anything here is in two plus three right and we have plus off to a minus plus of 2 and 3 + 3 that we have already turn right and not try it again value plus 4 V plus one value of a

+ b + pressure is directly proportional to pressure 128 or deep lack of the condition that we are given the question is pressure at equilibrium is equal to 3 equal to train to find out plus two

question one question riding the operation of equal to 95 quality and 49 into consideration of a write equation we are going to get the value of 22 A = 4 + 9 be

right to education what you are going to get after solving for A and B the value that we get that is equal to a 0.25 and the equals we have zero point place value to the demand for question is to find out and then calculated using the have the power to the equation question rate and minus of the power

0.5 0.17 1 - 0.5 we are going to get 10 points and the next thing that we can do we can find out the value of nothing but go to again 0.25 plus we have

7.5 Decathlon closing and -0.2 I hope you

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