1 litre of a mixture of CO and `CO_(2)` is taken. This mixture is passed through a tube containing red hot charcoal. The volume now becomes 1.6 litres. The volumes are measured under the same condition. Find the composition of the mixture by volume.

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Solution :
When the mixture of CO and `CO_(2)` is passed through red hot charcoal, `CO_(2)` changes to CO. <br> Let the volume of `CO_(2)` in the mixture be x litres <br> i.e., `CO_(2)=x` litres `CO=(1-x)` litres in the mixture. <br> On passing through red hot charcoal, <br> `underset("x litre")(CO_(2))overset(C)rarrCO` <br> Since O atoms are conserved, applying POAC for O atoms, <br> `2xx` moles of `CO_(2)=1xx` moles of CO <br> or `2xx` volume of `CO_(2)=1xx` volume of CO <br> `2xx x` = volume of CO <br> or volume of `CO=2x`. <br> `therefore` total volume of `CO=(1-x)+2x=(1+x)` <br> and `1+x=1.6`, (given) <br> `therefore x=0.6` litre. <br> `therefore` volume of `CO_(2)` in the mixture = 0.6 litre. <br> Volume of CO in the mixture = `1-0.6=0.4` litre.

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