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Class 11






Organic Chemistry : Some Basic Principles And Techniques


0.29 g of an organic compound ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`10.3, 62.1``44.6, 10.7``62.1, 10.3``10.7, 44.6`

Answer : C
Solution : `62.1, 10.3`


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hello everyone latest what the questions questions is 0.29 G of an organic compound on combustion 0.6 G of Co2 and 0.27 G of H2 the percentage of carbon and hydrogen in the given compound respectively are four options are given and we need to find out the percentage of carbon and hydrogen how do we calculate the percentage of carbon in the formula for the calculation of percentage of carbon and percentage of literacy percentage of carbon is equal to Karbonn bye molecular weight YouTube

into weight of YouTube by weight of organic compound in 200 calculate percent of weight of carbon is 12 molecular weight of due to is 44 into weight of Co2 is given here 0.66 by weight of organic compound given year is 0.29 in 200 when we calculate the percentage comes out to be Bittu 4.06 approximately

2.1 % calculation of the percentage of hydrogen percent of hydrogen equal to atomic weight of hydrogen divided by molecular weight of H2O into wait 82 divided by weight of organic compound divide by the weight of the organic compound ine 202b 22 unit 2 is

the atomic weight of hydrogen we are all weight of H2O is given above as 0.27 0.27 / the weight of organic compound is 0.29 and 200 this comes out to be 10.34 when letters mein chat with the options given first option percentage of carbon in the first if 10.3 and percentage of hydrogen in the second is 6.1 of carbon in the third option the percentage of carbon is 2.1 and the percentage of hydrogen is 10.3 which matches which are with the calculation

of 3 is correct thank you


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