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Class 12






Co-ordination Compounds


Match the Correct Column I and...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : A::B::C::D
Solution : A-Q,R,B-P,S,C-P,S,D-P,S

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ab question is we are given column 1 and column to in Columbia one we are given various complexes and column to a given some magnetic properties right and some general property rights we are supposed to match column 1 with properties of column to write so we'll take a first case we have given this Complex if a CNC negative rights over here we are supposed to find out whether this is paramagnetic diamagnetic forms inner orbital Complex outer orbital Complex now a first of all will find out the oxidation state of iron rate let it be x minus 6 with each sign I don't have minus 1 is equal to minus 4 that is the charge on the species so over here it comes up to be plus two right now iron we know has a valence electronic configuration on configuration of s to d6o iron plus two would be is zero the right now cyanide is present as link and now we know that can I receive from

right so handset cause the pairing in this Complex know the feeling of orbitals is like this this is our octahedral field so we have t2g and EG orbitals presented this No 6 electrons will be filled in this way to write 3 then 4 5 and 6 by which is wearing a so over here we have all the electrons that is that it is a diamagnetic Complex rate and over here we have presence of empty orbitals right that means 3D orbital should be used for the bonding that means it would be a inner orbital complex right so it matches with our option Q diamagnetic and are that is inner orbital Complex so q and r h matches with q and R then the second is we have iron Complex again we have Iron

water hole 62 positive test now Oxidation state of iron with the X + 20 is equal to 1 + 2 b is water a is neutral ligand success equal to x is equal to plus right now we again we have seen iron to positive is s06 but over here we have water present as lekin now we know that water is a weak field ligand it was preparing to the electrons would we feel like this 1 2 3 4 5 and 6 December t2g and EG orbitals so over we have presence of unpaired electrons we have 4 and electrons present overhead so this is what our paramagnetic Complex and then because we do not have any empty D orbitals rate instead of 3D 4D orbital reviews morning that means it will be outer orbital complex right we can also see this for example if we draw all the orbitals

first of all we have 3D then we have MTS then we have tea and then we have our next D orbitals head overhead this is our 3D right and we have 123456 electrons present like this then this is empty now it is a post to make 6 bonds so it's gonna be using this this this this 4 5 and 6 these orbital site and is a what this is our forests rate this is our P orbitals and this is our 4D that so that is why it is used in the 4D orbital that is how it is outer orbital Complex Sobi matches with p and S right over here we have paramagnetic as B and S is outer orbital Complex then the next is copper containing this Complex c we have copper 6 Ammonia and deposited over copper would be to

write which is it to be X + 20 is equal to + 20 X + 2 9 copper we know has a valence electronic configuration of S1 details for copper + 2 would be as zero the right over here also we have an unpaired electrons is business site we can see this we have t2g and EG of metals 123456789 driveway again we have 108 on that means it is also paramagnetic Complex again we have absence of any 3D orbital that means it can use the for 4D orbital that is how it is it outer orbital Complex again h c matches with p and then we have De the complexes we have nikal 86 cyanide with phone and determine the complete we have excess I need for the oxidation state of Nickel BX it would be -100 Sin A + 4 is the charge of the

species that should be plus two now we know Nicholas S2 E8 so nikal plus two would be s0da now can we have presence of a strong field ligand over here right so how the electrons would be filled we can have t2g and EG of it is right 12345678 right again we have an electron Batman this is paramagnetic again right we do not have any presence of empty D orbitals right for the bonding that is why it would also form in outer orbital complex so h Di all the matches with p and so a images with tea and it and they also matches with a matches with q and so this is

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