Question : XY sex chromosomes were discovered by

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: XY sex chromosomes were discovered by

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Gregor Johann Mendel M.J.D White Nettie Stevens Robert Brown

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questionnaire is saying XI sex chromosomes by discovered by which of the following sentence record Chauhan mental NGT why net is Stephen Robert Brown now X chromosome are we can say xy sex chromosome discovered by our Neta Stevens Neta Stevens along with our admin along with Adamant beach ok ok Neta stephenson admin breacher Wilson admin beach of Wilson credited independently they are independently for discovering our sex chromosome orbit and se xy chromosome or sex determination system sex determination system was discovered by these two scientist ok now they discovered that are the mail the mail

xy chromosome whereas the female has XX chromosome so this was done by a 180 Stevens and admin beecher Wilson in the year of our for the discovery that were credited in the year of 1905 correct option near resorption number 31 that is Stephen answer is option number 3

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QuestionXY sex chromosomes were discovered by
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