Write short notes on the following:
Neural co-ordination


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Step by step video solution for Write short notes on the following: Neural co-ordination by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 11 exams.


question is write short notes on the following neural coordination so coordination cost body organs body organs implies that the various organs which are present in the body pregnant in the body interact and complement the each other complement with the functions of each other complement with the function each other now it that body organs do not work independently do not
vac independence day work in a surprise fashion what do you work in coordination with each other in a centroid fashion now in the end human body the neural system and neural system and endocrine system endocrine system boxer na what is metered manner or they are jointly coordinator and
integrity all activities of the organs neural system and endocrine system integrate and co-ordinate all the activities of organs so that the walk in Christ fashion now this is known as neural coordination coordination now in neural coordination the neural system provides an organised network point to point connection wine
point connection coordination quick interaction integration Shu the neural system provides a weapon coordination among the organs among different organs of the body and this connection is with the help of network of nerves body the neural coordination is fast and short list type of coordination this was about neural coordination thank you

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