Question : Write an essay on water as an ecological factor.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Write an essay on water as an ecological factor.

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Water is another important factor influencing the life of organisms. Life is unsustainable without water. Its availability is so limited in deserts that only certain special adaptations make it possible for them to live there. You might think that organisms living in oceans, lakes and rivers should not face any .water related problems, but it is not true. For aquatic organisms the quality (chemical composition, pH etc.) of water becomes important. The salt concentration is less than 5 percent in inland waters, and 30-35 percent in the seawater. Some organisms are tolerant to a wide range of salinities (euryhaline) but other are restricted to a narrow.range (stenohaline) Many fresh water animals cannot live for long in sea water and vice versa.because of the osmotic problems, they would face. <br> Adaptations in fresh water habitat : Animals living in fresh water have to tackle the lem of · endosmosis. The osmotic pressue of freshwater is very low and that of the body fluids of fre water organisms.in much higher. So water tends to enter into bodies by endosmosis. To maintain the balance of water in the bodies, the freshwater organisms acquired several adaptations such as, contractile vacuoles in the freshwater protozoans, large glomerular kidneys in fishes, etc., They send out large quantities of urine freshwater fishes have salt absorbing .chloride cells. in their gills. The major problem in freshwater ponds in - in summer most of the ponds dry up. To overcome this problem, most of the freshwater protists undergo encystment. The freshwater sponges produce asexual reproductive bodies, called gemmules to tide over the unfavourable conditions of the summer. The African lungfish, Protopterus, burrows into the mud and forms a gelatinous cocoon around it, to survive, in summer. <br> Adaptations in marine habitat : Seawater is high in salt content compared to that of the body fluids. So, the marine animals continuously tend to lose water from their bodies by exosmosis and face the problem of dehydration. To overcome the problem of water loss marine fishes have aglomerular kidneys with less number of nephrons. Such Kidneys minimize the loss of water through urine. To. compensate water loss the marine fish drink more water, and along with this water, salts are added to the body fluids and disturb the internal equilibrium. . <br> To maintain salt balance (salt homeostasis) in the body they have salt secreting chloride cells in their gills. Marine birds like sea gulls and penguins eliminate salts in the form of salty fluid that drips through their nostrils. In turtles the ducts of chloride secréting glands open near the eyes. Some. cartilaginous fishe.s retain urea and trimethylamine oxide (TMO) in their blood to keep the body fluid isotonic to the sea water and avoid dehydration of the body due to exosmosis.<br>Water related adaptations in brackish water animals : The animals of brackish water are adapted to withstand wide fluctuations in salinity. Such organisms are called euryhaline animals and those that can.t with stand are known as stenohaline. The migratory fishes such as salmon and Hilsa are anadromous fishes i.e. they .migrate from the sea to freshwater, for breeding, Anguilla bengalensis is a catadromours fish i.e. it migrates from the river to sea, for breeding. In these-fishes their glomerular kidneys are. adjusted to changing salinities. The chloride cells are adapted to excrete or absorb salts depending on the situation. On entering the river they drink more freshwater to maintain the concentration of body fluids equal to that of the surround water. <br> Water related adaptations for terrestrial life : In the absence of an external source of water, the Kangaroo rat of the North American deserts is capable of meeting all its water requirements through oxidation of its internal fat (in which water is a by product - metabolic water). It also has the ability to concentrate its urine, so that minimal volume of water is lost in the process of removal of their excretory products.


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QuestionWrite an essay on water as an ecological factor.
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