Question : Write an essay on abiotic factors.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Write an essay on abiotic factors.

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everyone so here is a question write an essay on the abiotic factors what are the abiotic factors abiotic factors of the components of the ecosystem they are the components of ecosystem and Ecosystem basically consists of two types of these factors one is the biotic factor and another one is the abiotic and biotic means in which city life is presence of all the living organism all the living organism belong to the category of the biotic factors and what are the what are those bacteria all the bacteria then find the new plant Kingdom whole Plant kingdom and Animal kingdom whole animal kingdom then protest all these are the biotic factors and what are the abiotic factor these are water the nonliving factors

Audi sunlight is the abiotic factors to these are the and soil soil these are the abiotic factors of interaction between biotic and abiotic factors it helps to form the ecosystem and Ecosystem will not exist now what how does the interaction techniques like the water the water water is useful for the drinking drinking washing right and other things but very not only the certain plants get pollinated with the help of the water pollinated with the help of water it is habitat is a habitat for the aquatic life it is habitat for many of the aquatic life care write a also helps in the pollination measure

city of the pollination takes place where it is also the pollinating agent Yeh consists of various gases like important lesson and oxygen carbon dioxide nitrogen Phosphorus which are very useful for respiration in this basically over here is the light and the living organism that it is animal or a plant that is animal or did they require sunlight for their existence by because many of the metabolic activities in the animals they are affected by the light many of the metabolic activity they are affected by the light there or write their movement their women that is movement from one place to another it is affected by the light that all these things are responsible for the existence of the animals similarly in the plant is very important thing that is the photo sensor

photosynthesis want Aakar tenders and Bindu life because plant 1 exist and then these animals operation I won't accept other than these other than the photosynthesis light it also helped in the movement of the plants like some of the plants their book towards in i.sc photo eraser positive movement that is the positive movement and away from the sunlight some move away from the sunlight night in taka not away from the sunlight but they required not that much exposure to complete in light of these are the important things help in the existence of the plant as and as well as animals whatever the soil soil as you know it is the Reservoir for many minerals it is there any measures which is being required by the plants then it is also a Reservoir for many of the bacteria and these bacteria can help into the nitrogen fixation that is very

portant body plan right then then what happens then this oil helps in the it is habitat it is the habitat for many of the organism plants exist then animals they are found in on the soil they are found on the soil fertile soil is very good for the agricultural purposes fertile soil is very good quality agricultural purposes similarly water is also responsible for the agricultural purpose of these are the various factors and importance of the abiotic factor really important to keep the balance and to maintain the balance also in the ecosystem

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Question Write an essay on abiotic factors.
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