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Question : Write a short note on trophic levels.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Write a short note on trophic levels.

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write a short note on we're going to discuss about the Tropic leather to understand that level we are going to first of all maker ecological pyramid because that that is something in which we configure tropical we have the ecological pyramid ecological pyramid we have all these like this Powell are the Tropic level dissolved like if we talk about the like this place this is the producers then we have any consumer secondary consumer attitude towards life that then we have

primary consumers can be compared these all are basically forming the basically found in the sense like it is the dependent either the number on the energy of the Biomass of forming the trophic levels start with the producer producer we have planned as we then these plants are basically eaten by the year so the primary consumer let se will be the grass by the secondary consumer let's say this is of Rock and will be eaten by either The Eagle Rock and it can also featured by is trophic levels are mated like that depend upon which consumes

who consumes the plants are consumed by the grasp of frogs are critically consuming the graft basically grasshopper and equals maintenance or we can say this is how the trophic levels are these are basically depicting us the food there depicting as the foods we know as we go through in every trophic level there is a 10% law applied and that 10% loss that in every trophic level there is a 10% energy that is going to be rich and rest of the energy is going to be utilised by that organism on how we are going to understand the topic lamp thank you

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QuestionWrite a short note on trophic levels.
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