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March - 2017 (Telangana)


Write a short note on seed dor...

Write a short note on seed dormancy.

Video Solution: Write a short note on seed dormancy.

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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : The inability of seed to germinate or grow is called seed dormancy . It may be due to either external or internal factors . <br> Internal factors : <br> A. Immature embryo : The embryo has not reached morphological maturity ,capable of germination . E.g : Ranunclus . <br> B . Hard seed coat : In fabacease members , seeds have hard seed coats which prevent uptakee of oxygen or water . it can be broken by scarification . <br> C. Chemical : Seeds of some plants contain chemicals which inhibit germination . E.g : Tomato . <br> External factors : Low temperature treatment : Many seeds will not germinate until they have been exposed to low temperature .The practice of layering seeds in sand and peat is called stratification . E.g : Polygonum .


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QuestionWrite a short note on seed dormancy.
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