Write a note on the structure of proteins.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Structure of Protein :
1. Protein is synthesised on the ribosome as a linear sequence of amino acids which are held together by peptide bonds.
2. After synthesis, the protein attains conformational change into a specific 3D form for proper functioning.
3. According to the mode of folding, four levels of protein organisation have been recognised namely primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary
(i) Primary structure is linear arrangement of amino acids in a polypeptide chain.
(ii) Secondary structure arises when various functional groups are exposed on outer surface of the molecular interaction by forming hydrogen bonds. This causes the amino acid chain to twist into coiled configuration called α-helix or to fold into a flat β-pleated sheets.
(iii) Tertiary protein structure arises when the secondary level proteins fold into globular structure called domains.
(iv) Quaternary protein structure may be assumed by some complex proteins in which more than one polypeptide forms a large multi unit protein. The individual polypeptide chains of the protein are called subunits and the active protein itself is called a multimer. Eg: Enzymes serve as catalyst for chemical reactions in cell and are non-specific. Antibodies are complex glycoproteins with specific regions of attachment for various organisms.


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