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Why should we conserve biodive...

Why should we conserve biodiversity? How can we do it?

Video Solution: Why should we conserve biodiversity? How can we do it?

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Step by step video solution for Why should we conserve biodiversity? How can we do it? by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 12 exams.

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QuestionWhy should we conserve biodiversity? How can we do it?
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English question they are asking why we should conserve biodiversity and how we can do this now we all know that our earth has very rich biodiversity this term is generally used synonymously with species richness so when we say that we have rich biodiversity was basically saying that there are many different species of Flora Fauna and microbes on a now during recent times because of many human activities the natural ecosystem have been adversely affected and pieces which make up this Rich biodiversity of earth many of them are facing the threat of extinction their population has declined so much that in the near future they might be completely wiped out so to prevent these extinction or prevent this biodiversity loss we must urgently take some steps for biodiversity conservation and why this must be done by Shavi

conserve the biodiversity many people might ask this night question suppose we have 20 thousand pieces of plants on Earth how is it going to matter if 25% of them are completely by our lives are not going to be affected even if their 15000 species of and instead of 20,000 now for this we can give you should protect biodiversity first of all we have the narrowly utilitarian view and industry are mainly going to focus on the types of resources on the different product which we obtained from the biodiversity the different kinds of plants are source of food Timber medicinal substances Industrial Products all of this service is biodiversity is not concerned if these different pieces are wiped out in the future we might not be

able to derive all these natural resources all this belt of natural resources from them to this is one narrowly utilitarian argument for the conservation of biodiversity that we should protect biodiversity because it gives us commercial benefit it gives a so many resources next we have the broadly utilitarian view in which we are going to look at the benefits we derived from biodiversity from the natural ecosystems but not the commercial benefits the ecosystem services that so many things that natural ecosystems are doing that human beings cannot accomplished artificially such as the mitigate the natural disasters whenever they are thick forest they going to mitigate the floods and droughts apart from this natural ecosystems are going to purify the air they are going to give a habitat of wildlife we generate fertile soils they help in nutrient cycling

so all of these things many of the living organisms also act as agents for pollination we were not going to be able to pollinated crops if these organisms are not there through all the ecosystem services which the rich biodiversity is providing to us this is also a reason to conserve the biodiversity and finally we have the ethical ultimate where we're not going to think about any of the ecological and economic benefits the natural ecosystems are giving here we basically focus upon the intrinsic value that all of the different species that we share the earth with a supposed to have even if they are not giving us and direct benefit and the present they might play a key role in the ecosystem in the habitat they are occupied and all of the spacious in a biological community of closely linked with one another

it's our duty to protect this even if we are not driving any direct benefit from them so these are the three reasons a three arguments given for biodiversity conservation the narrowly utilitarian at which place that we derive economic benefits we update many resources from the natural ecosystem than the broadly utilitarian in which we talked about the ecosystem services such as producing oxygen soil formation purifying year mitigating natural disasters pollination all of the and finally in the ethical argument with the intrinsic value of every species even if we don't know how we can do this how we can conserve biodiversity for this we basically have two approaches the in situ and ex situ conservation and in situ conservation what we do if we let the living organism the plant on the animal remain in its Pristine Natural Habitat

so we're not going to take the animal of the plant out of its Natural Habitat and we are going to protect it along with the ecosystem that is occupied in in situ conservation we can take the example of wildlife sanctuary here we are giving legal protection to the entire forested area rather than taking out the endangered animal and giving it human care then we have biosphere reserve National Park all of this where the government has taken an initiative to protect the wildlife and the plants by giving legal protection to a forested area now the second approach that we can take a suppose the patient population has declined very clearly and only number of individuals are left now we cannot leave them in their Natural Habitat what if some Predator eat them what is the get some disease and its so in such a condition where to take them of their Natural

Habitat and keep them under special care and achievement care and the example of such access to conservation is Zoological Park Botanical Garden all of this because these and natural ecosystem hair the living organisms have been kept under human care so these are the reasons why we should protect biodiversity and main two approaches that we can take is in situ suggest wildlife sanctuary national park and biosphere reserve and to suggest the logical path and botanical garden