Question : Why parenchyma is called a simple tissue?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Why parenchyma is called a simple tissue?

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Solution :
Parenchyma is called a simple tissue because it is made up of only one type of cells which are similar to one another in structure and coordinate to perform a common function or set of functions.


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question is that why parenchyma is called a simple tissue right so parenchyma collenchyma is a permanent permanent simple tissue tissue because it is made up of only it is made up of only one type of cells that that is why tissue is known as the simple permanent tissue also they have thin walled cells convert that is only primary and secondary cell wall is developed in the cells right they have isodiametric cells I told I Matrix these are gases which are same or

equal size right and also the cells may be either closely packed or intercellular space cells may be closely packed aur have intercellular spaces cellular spaces write these parenchyma cells are oval in shape or they can be rounded they can be hexagonal or polygonal in the function includes that their temporary storage shelf temporary storage shelf right also those Param Kai muscles which have chloroplast chloroplast are

to be known as the chlorenchyma and they are able to perform the process of photo synthesis write so this is all about parenchyma

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QuestionWhy parenchyma is called a simple tissue?
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