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Life Processes


Why is transpiration importan...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Why is transpiration important for plants ?

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Solution : Transpiration is important because <br> (i) it helps in the absorption and upward movement of water and minerals from roots to leaves. <br> (ii) it prevents the plant part from heating up .i.e., it helps in temperature regulation.

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Chapter NameLife Processes
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TV talk about this question in this questionnaire that why is transpiration important for plants that we discuss what is transpiration is so it is the loss of water write loss of water in the form of water vapour right in the form of water vapour from the leaves right from the leaves so this is what is known as the transpiration now we discuss the significance of the importance of the transpiration so very first thing that is very very important for the transpiration for plants that it basically create a transpirational pull right because whenever there is a loss of water right from the plant right that basically creates a Sword of tension right that basically poles are more and more water from the roads either from the soil right so as to serve the need of the water rides

basically it created transpirational Pol so as to facilitate the ascent of SAP or the movement of water from Roots to the other parts of the plant right now the second think are the second most important part is basically a scent of SAP write a scent of star which is basically the movement of water molecules from the roots of the plant to the other parts of the plant is very necessary is very needed right is very necessary or needed to ask to make water rights was to make the water availability for photosynthesis right for the photosynthesis to occur because one of the most important raw material that is very very necessary for photosynthesis to encourage the water rights of a that ascent of SAP is much much needed right then the third point on the next point that why transpiration is important

the plant that help plants write It helped the plants was to get Red right age to get rid so as to get Red or excrete out right so as to excrete out excessive water rights watch to excrete out excessive water that is present in the plant write these are the various important we various important aspects of transpiration in plants write

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