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Class 11






Body Fluids And Circulation


Why is closed circulatory syst...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Why is closed circulatory system more efficient than the open circulatory system?

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Question Details till 27/09/2022

Chapter NameBody Fluids And Circulation
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
Type of AnswerVideo
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hello everyone know we're going to understand about this question and question says that why is closed circulatory system more efficient than the open circulatory system ok commentary about the open circulatory system and closed circulatory system basically the closed circulatory system are considered more efficient because the closed circulatory system considered more efficient because the reason is it is considered considerable enhances the speed and Precision and the efficiency of circulation the closed system will make them efficient by the

enhances enhances day speech procedure and efficiency efficiency of circulation is the flow of blood for more in the closed circulatory system the flow of blood for more rapidly compared to the open circulatory system

Shruti system and return to the heart ok so this process is very rapidly is a very reason is through which we can call we can tell you that the pro system prosecutor system is the more efficient to the next is because the it is very Rapid process that means it take less time which which make them or which leads to the Rapid Rapid process of circulation will lead to leads to the faster supply and removable removal and removal of the

lead to the first supply and removal of material removal of material to friend tissue tissue by blood this is all are the reason by which we can see that the closed circulatory system is more efficient open circulatory system answer thank you


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