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Class 12






Self Assessment Paper 05


Why is aerobic degradation mor...

Why is aerobic degradation more important than anaerobic degradation?

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Why is aerobic degradation more important than anaerobic degradation?



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Why is aerobic degradation more important than anaerobic degradation?
Chapter NameSelf Assessment Paper 05
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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why is aerobic degradation is important to understand the importance over the days when we talk about the need to understand that we can say that if we degrade or if the aerobic degradation is basically a cause a large amount in the kitchen produces large amount of organic matter degradation in presence of oxygen large amount of oxygen method in wastewater is basically this utilised

what happen is that these matters is organic matter where I was broken into simpler substances that basically broken down into the organic matter like the specific of from spirit decomposer in the presence of oxygen that is why it is called aerobic degradation because the oxygen is present also those which utilise the oxygen to utilise the oxygen we need to understand what happens when they utilise the oxygen to take to you when the decompose organic matter they convert them into the simpler substances and is also going to be utilised as it will cause is decomposed into the formation of nutrients that

that's how the feeling of nutrients present in this nature show the formation of nutrients will be pressure also the important thing that is the reduction in biological oxygen demand reduction of that is biological oxygen demand is another feature which is utilised by the aquatic and we can save you find the aquatic present a pressure of beauty is something that is president of water like the oxygen amount in the water animals required the large that means that there is very less oxygen present at this point of view please show the decomposing will cause the reduction of beauty and make the water more suitable

aquatic organisms and eventually also lead to the formation of various components like anything carbon dioxide because organic compound basically made up of these various components of various nutrients that are going to be found useful we can say many purposes that is like the formation of biogas are the natural fertilizer physically we can state that all these are the reasons I can say that TB patient is more important


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