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Class 12






Structural Organisation In Animals (Contd . . .) (Animal Morphology)


Why are ureters in frog also k...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

Video Solution: Why are ureters in frog also known as urinogenital ducts?

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Text Solution

Solution : Because in male frog, they conduct both sperms and urine.

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Chapter NameStructural Organisation In Animals (Contd . . .) (Animal Morphology)
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
Type of AnswerVideo
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In Text - English
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Question Video Duration1m20s


question here is that why are the units in The generated after now in case of the directors will talk about their cylinder tube lights structures which are coming out of the kidney and share Karen be urine after the filtration of blood in the Kidneys so you latest they carried the urine from the Kidneys so that it can be created out of the body to the open now in case of the male female from here to increase of the mail from this uratus they are also known as you know generator draught by because it off for the first case of A Female Deer female stall so the work of the Other function of ureter is only to carry but in case of a frog in addition to carry the urine it is also carrying The Heirs for a that is why it is also known as the urine generator that means

it is also carrying the give me procedure was expression here because in case of the frogs the fertilization is external external it is happening in in the water itself and for that this form of the essay need to be released into the water


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