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Why are lichens called indicators of air pollution?


Text Solution

Lichens are sensitive to air pollutants and some lichens for example, Parmelia, Usnea, Cladonia, etc. are completely destroyed by So, in the air.


student question is why I like cold indicator of air pollution on this question we should know what is like like terms of this symbol Association simbatech Association which two organisms symbiotic Association of the Sanjay aunty and these organisms together in fingers make like them ok this is the association between journal and the Lycans with Sanjay what is the function of this Punjab Punjab provides Sanjay provides for a job to provide nutrients nutrients and water to LED what is the function of the selling entities will function
function photo and this will give and take it to tools this is lichen and they are called as pollution indicator Delhi air pollution indicator how because these like a SO2 sensitive as sensitive does not grow does not Guru in SO2 polluted area in polluted area in Detroit area where there is SO2 pollution Sulphur Dioxide pollution OK where there are some examples of the Lycans M good pollution indicators and does not grow in a Cell to cell city area examples are han main liya main liya lichen loteria lichen
Uluberia lichen Excel example which is not true in the area and because that's why they indicated did not go into listed area special Hindi SO2 is Sulphur dioxide and Sulphur Dioxide with Sulphur Dioxide can be very harmful to the plants also and can cause if you could do plants harmful to plants and can cause and can cause acid rain brings this is the original danbury SO2 Sulphur dioxide at the like position indicator of pollution air pollution because it does not grow in the polluted area and their examples of terminalia lobaria except what is lichen lichen symbiotic association of the Galaxy Anta Punjab Punjab provide nutrients and water to the algae and LV function is


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