Question : Which statement is incorrect regarding human blood ?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Which statement is incorrect regarding human blood ?

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Average leucoytes count is 6000-8000 `mm^(-3)`Average RBC count is 2-4 million `mm^(-3)`Proteins contribute about 8 percent of plasmaA healthy human has about 12-16 gms of haemoglobin per 100 ml blood

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that's the question the question is which statement is incorrect regarding the human blood the options mentioned here as the average leukocyte count 6000 to 8000 per cubic millimetre the average RBC count is 24 million cubic millimetre and proteins taken around 8% of the flash The Last of Championship with a healthy healthy human have known 12 16 grams of hemoglobin tablet PC 6000 to 8000 per M3 Note 10 physics electricity is the customs of leukocytes are nothing but the WBC they make 6000 to 8000 S officer kaun si site they are the erythrocytes erythrocytes they meet around 25 points

5 million cubic metres of the word mm3 of the blade and the options mentioned here is 2.4 the option to is known method or maintained in the proteins contribute around 8% of Plasma proteins contribute about six to eight percent and gives a healthy human has about 12 to 16 grams of the hemoglobin is very essential elements present in RBC which is responsible for the transport of the gases like the chin and the carbon dioxide now this is usually destroyed 26 in grams in humans no more it is high in the means it is high in the main square 2016 G in the means and it contributes around 3214 G 100 ml in the way that they are

agranulocytes and the other type in Ruby Grand inside they are there granulocytes and agranulocytes there are two types what are the one is the momos in the other type is called as B Lymphocytes they are selling process is the a granulocytes their British what are there they are the new and used in the other category include the ec6002 mm3 of the black how to distribute to 65% and base of its weak point 5 to 1% and the issue fixed in 1 22 333 present around six to eight percent of the total WBC cells they made around 25% of the total WBC

the second option is interest on the RBC count is 2.4 million cubic millimetre that's the question is asked questions mention the incorrect statement the option to it is the incorrect statement that with the answer this question thank you

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