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Class 11






Diversity Of The Living World


Which protist possesses two fl...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Which protist possesses two flagella one lies longitudinal and other transversely?

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Text Solution

Answer : Dinoflagellates


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Chapter NameDiversity Of The Living World
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello students here the question is which protester possesses to flagella one lies longitudinal and other transversely so we need to tell your organism Under The Kingdom Protista how to flagella one longitudinal and one transfers that means they are present at right angle to each other when we talk about the kingdom Kingdom Protista basically unicellular Eukaryotic organisms are unicellular eukaryotes right now under this Kingdom there is a division which is called chrysophyta price of Fighter is a division and cries of fights are also called as Golden algae that is basically a group of algae and due to their colour they are also called Golden algae right and under price of fight we have a class

which is called as dinoflagellate should I know flagellates is a class which belongs to the division price of fighter and as the name suggests dinoflagellates that means they have to pleasure as we can see in the given picture as well here this is one of the examples of flat rate one is the gymnodinium and next is the ennodiniyum that they have to first is and the second is here and there are present at right angles to each others is longitudinal and one is transverse same is the case here one is this one is transverse and this one is longitude today have to flagellar which are present at right angles to each other

and their bodies also have plate which are basically like appearance fit together like a soapbox and dinoflagellates are basically Marine that they are only found in marine water and also they are photosynthetic the answer this question become that dinoflagellates are the disturb Kuchh aap to flagellates one longitudinal and one transfer


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