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Which ones show stipular modif...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

Video Solution: Which ones show stipular modifications (a) Spines of Zizyphus (b) Tendrils in Smilax (c) Tendrils in Nepenthes (d) Spines in Argemone (e) Thorn in Bougainvillea

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Text Solution

a and ba and c b and ec and e

Answer : a,b

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Chapter NameLeaf
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
Type of AnswerVideo
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which one shows stipula modification of tendrils in smilax sentence in a pencil aur thorn in bougainvillea options are a and b and b and b or c and discuss the pillar modifications modifications defecation which originates from the stipules are known as the pillar modifications so we can write that modification that are known as tubular modifications now if we discuss the options given here first option is fine

ziziphus which is correct with respect to stipula modification because science in Jiji for they are the modified stipules which gets modified into spines and helps in the protection of the protection of plant now second option is central since my legs which is also correct because the dentist in smile are modified Jeep you and help in the attachment and detachment and support to the plant now third option is General in nature pencil these are modified leaves which require this option is incorrect option is finance in which are the modifications of margin of leaf

of leaves modified to form find in argument for this option is also incorrect last is thorn in bougainvillea in which is why we can rule out this option as well here the correct answer of this question will be a and b which are both stipula modifications to this was our answer thank you students

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