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Class 12






Organisms And The Environment


Which one refers to allen's ru...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Which one refers to allen's rule

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If stressful conditions are localised, an organism either migrates or suspends itselfMammals from colder climates have shorter ears and limbs to minimise heat lossAn organism can move from a stressful habitat to a mare hospitable area and return when the stressful period is overLow atmospheric pressure in higher altitudes results in altitude sickness.

Answer : B

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Chapter NameOrganisms And The Environment
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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the question is which one refers to any room and options are is stressful conditions are localised and organism causes migraine or normal sampul defendants have shorter your send link to minimise heat loss and organism can move from the stressful Habitat to a more hospitable and written in the stressful period is over for low atmospheric pressure in higher altitude sickness to the principal of allen's rule described that organisms undergo changes and adaptations depending on the environmental and geography condition to origin and adaptation

according to the environmental and geographical condition and organisms when introduced to a stressful climate the developed certain features that will allow them to survive in line aur in special condition means to adapt and 20 features that they have adapted allowed them to survive in the stress as in case with animals that live in colder climates they have developed hold your say no Salim in order to protect the loss of

older region best special speciality short and this helps to prevent sleep loss and this property is in case of warm blooded organism was first to property of NCERT the final answer as which one refers to any rule it is from

colder climates have shorter ears and also links in order to minimise

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