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Class 11






Locomotion And Movements


Which one of the is the cor...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Which one of the is the correct matching of three items and their grouping category ?


Text Solution

Actin, myosin, rhodopsin - MuscleCytosine, uracil, thiamine - PyrimidinesMalleus, incus, cochlea - Ear ossiclesIilium, ischium, pubis - Coxal boneso pelvic girlde

Answer : D


Step by step video solution for [object Object] by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 11 exams.

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Chapter NameLocomotion And Movements
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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Sohar 12 question is that which one of these option is correct matching of the three items and their grouping category so we have the four options right now we have to find the correct mat and their grouping category so let us see the first one ok to the in the first option that is already given the acting meiosis and Vodafone ok and it is given in the category of the muscle to when we take about the actin and myosin just it is act like a muscle protein ok IT act like much protein and production is basically that is basically present in it is a pigment that is present in our I ok so this is responsible for the colour ok and this is not a muscle this this will be the muscle protein and it will be categorised with the

actin and myosin this option is basically around ok so let's move the next 12 here it is written Thus as you are still thymine and it comes under under the paradise ok so when we see the pyrimidines ok so when we talk about the payment dance then this parameter in basically act in two forms that is in the DNA form ok and other in the arena for When It Act in a DNA form there is a too kind of the base pairs that you decide to sign that is the slightest sign and thymine and thymine and in uniform Satya sign is remain there and having is basically replaced by the option S is the correct one but it is the most confusing one because it here it is not a clear that evidence is basically in which form the DNA or

RNA option is also a wrong because of not a proper and improper grouping categories they are mentioned in the third form when we talked about in the third form it is given here malleus incus syster ko ke liya that under the year Oscars so late 80 about the ear ossicles so when we see about ear ossicles near Mosque was basically present in the three form that is the malleus that is the malleus incus and step and hear that had one that is the cochlea ok Shukriya is basically cochlear cochlear is basically a path inside the internal internal ear ok part International the internal ear so this is also not a correct sequence

and when we talk about the third one that is the aim is meant to be so it is a write statement because this is the this is the form in the Cox Cox like structure and that will originates from the pelvic girdle so this option is basically write one so we can find the right here our correct answer our correct answer is option is option is open port hope this answers your question


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