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Neet 2018


Which one of the following pai...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Which one of the following pairs is wrongly matched with the associated phenomenon ?

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XX-XO type sex-determination - Grasshopper ABO blood grouping - Codominance Starch synthesis in pea - Multiple alleles TH Morgan - Linkage

Answer : C
Solution : In the given pairs , option (c) is wrongly matched. Starch synthesis in pea is an example of pleiotropy . A pleiotropic gene is a single gene which produces many or multiple unrelated phenotypes . Rest of the pairs are correctly matched . <br> Concept Enhancer The gene for starch synthesis in pea seeds has two alleles B and b . In BB genotype , large starch grains are produced . After maturation the seeds are round . In bb homozygous condition , smaller starch grains are produced and mature seeds are wrinkled . Bb heterozygotes form round seeds so that B seems to be dominant allele. <br> However , Bb seeds have starch grains of intermediate size , showing incomplete dominance.

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Chapter NameNeet 2018
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello Suraj the questionnaires that which one of these is the wrongly matched pair with associated phenomenon which is written here selected option number 1 it says XXX not type of sex determination in case of insects so in many insects including the grasshopper there is XXX not type of the determination that means the females will have to X chromosome 12 males have one sex chromosome less that is is zero is atmosphere is no chromosome the males will only have one x chromosome Where are females will have the two X chromosomes in their Autozone so here we see that this is going to form this type of kimat whereas the males are going to form two types of gamete one 50% types of gametes are the ones in which there is no sex chromosome so when this kimat uses with the normal X chromosome the egg which contains the X chromosome so this is going to give rise to a mail

of string where is on the other side that if it is using with the other one that is based on which has got a x chromosome then it is going to give rise to a female offspring are so this is the right option so certain he wanted to find out the wrong mat so this is not the right answer for this question to a view of blood grouping it says codominance a blood grouping shows multiple allelism as well as codominance so multiple allelism as well as codominance in this case is it is managed by the three genes that is a b and where we see the in the blood group ab both the type of antigens the present that is a antigen as well as a b and as well as be at the gym at present on the surface of the RBC is there by showing that both A and B will together dominant in the ab blood group so this is also the right option to become the wrong answer for question 3rd one is start synthesis in PC

multiple allelism remember this option 3 is the right answer for this question because start since this is not an example of multiple allelism it is controlled by a single gene and the name of the gene is called as capital be right and on the other hand we have a small VG in which shows very little star synthesis so capital b capital we will have full green there are small beads fall we will have the wrinkled green right to do in F1 offsprings we see that the heterozygote cap to be small we will not have the idea of The Fall of the wrinkle one it will have a intermediate size of we can call it as a incomplete dominance and it is not a multiple allelism in any case because his only single gene that is B which is controlling the street coming onto the fourth option here the fourth one hears is the th Morgan linkage yes th Morgan was the one who first described link

in the fruit fly drosophila melanogaster to option number 3 become the right answer for this question write so this is right answer this is all about this query thank you

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