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Which one of the following pai...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Which one of the following pairs is wrongly matched


Text Solution

Salvinia - Prothallus Viroids – RNA Mustard-Synergids Ginkgo-Archegonia

Answer : A
Solution : In Salvinia, both male and female gametophytes are found in massulaes not in prothallus.


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the question which one of the following pairs is wrongly matched to the options given to others salvinia prothallus viral RNA synergist and Zinc go are Concordia alright let's see the wrongly matched option is salvinia before we come to the explanation of salvia prothallus let's see why these three of the options are correct ok so virus are the infectious virus are the smallest infection causing pathogens and their genetic material is a single-stranded circular RNA write their genetic material is single stranded circular RNA to this option is correct b

is rightly Mash mustard and synergist so mustard plant is what it is a angiosperm write an angiosperm their distinctive features is presence of synergids water Synergy Synergy s h Di pair of specialised cells on either side of the ovum they present on the other side of the oven ok so this is a distinguishing features in angiosperm so this is also correctly matched now let's come to jink go Aki Goni not drink go belongs to the gymnosperm it is a type of gymnosperm right and gymnosperm the female reproductive organ is organelles are ki konya this is also

slightly smaller compared answer which is wrongly matched is salvia prothallus now it is wrongly matched because Selvi Nia protalus tell Veena is what is there right it is it which produce two different kinds of two different kinds of course a right to sell to Intel via the scores are born on the Polo Ka Taro Ka right and I can either be microsporangia or micro orange

which are small sports and megasporangium salvinia is a phone that which has two kinds of phosphorus what is prothallus prothallus is a gametophyte stage in the life cycle of phone which is developed from single pole what happens in prothallus prothallus is formed from a single right that means it is it has a ho more porous structure of porous structure of this is why it is wrongly salvinia has a two different kinds of

microsporangium and megasporangium prothallus is what it is a structure that the answer thank you


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