Which one of the following options gives one correct example each of convergent evolution and divergent evolution?


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Step by step video solution for Which one of the following options gives one correct example each of convergent evolution and divergent evolution? by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 12 exams.


special how to select option in which they have given us the correct example of convergent and divergent evolution so possible try to understand significance of these down we all know that evolution is an ongoing process in nature because of which you are able to see some changes in all the life forms over a long period of time and is generally what we assume is organisms are showing some similar structures there showing some similarities so they must have evolutionary relationship they must be closely related to each other that is why they have developed such similarity but in both the convergent and divergent evolution this assumption turns out to be wrong in convergent evolution we see that two organisms Sohail take a
convergent evolution two organisms are not at all closely related to each other but still they are showing some superficial similarity why because their evolution took place along some similar directions because they must have faced some similar selection pressures Sattu organisms who is decent is not the same they are not closely related they don't have Revolutionary relationship their ancestors is not the same their origin is not the same still they are developed their following along the same direction in such a way that they develop similar structures which are performing similar function but origin is different so hear what I was saying two organisms that are not at all closely related are showing similarity where is on the other in divergent evolution
by asking the opposite scenario what is happening to are closely related we have evolutionary relationship but they undergo evolution Hare change along two different directions the developed structures which are not similar to each other and function because they must be used different selection pressures to the evolved along different direction so now the function of these structures is not the same they have not involved functionally in the same direction although they have the common origin and if we are going to compare the anatomy the anatomy of the structure is also going to be very similar event another function is different so over here in convergent evolution the analogous structures will develop the structure which have the same function but their origin the anatomy does not have
similarity whereas because of divergent evolution structures will develop structure which have the same origin which has same anatomy but this function is different because they have a v along the different directions in two different so over here we basically have to select the correct example of analogous and home logo structures were correct answer will be option A the eye of octopus and I of mammal go to these structures are the same function so that is why we can say they develop a convergent evolution they are the analogous structures that would be used for which they would be site but Octopus is smallest mammal is a vertebrate they are not closely related but because both of the need to see both of them needed this sense organ so even though the structure does not have same position they are not closely related then atom is going to be very different they have the same function because they have undergone similar
Revolutionary change over a long period of time Sudheesh are analogous structures developed by convergent evolution and the four Limbs of vertebrate whether we look at the wings of a word whether we look at the wings of a bat Aur Bhi look at the arm of a man all of these are vertebrates and the structure the anatomy the bones inside a going to be similar even though the structure is a very different word has been for flight but also has been Mein help answer various Complex activities wale has its four Limbs developed into a slipper so that it can swim what are the structures will have fundamental similarities set an atom is going to be even more different functions and uses his arm for so many activities board inverter using it for flight wale is using the flipper for swimming sunao function has
become different ways a divergent evolution vs humalog structures and develop their origin is the same then item is similar but their function is not same and the four realms of vertebrate there an example of such divergent evolution option in is given as select example

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