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Class 12






Neet Mock Test 16


Which one of the following is ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Which one of the following is a matching set of the class and some of its main distinguishing features, classification, and examples?

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Text Solution

Cyclostomata - Division Agnatha, 6- 15 pairs of gill slits, endoskeleton bony, Example: MyxineReptilia - Division Gnathostomata, epidermal scutes, endoskeleton body, Example: HemidactylusAmphibia - Super-class Tetrapoda, cloaca as a common opening for the alimentary canal and urinary tract Chondrichthyes - Super-class Pisces, gill slits without operculum, exoskeleton cartilaginous, Example: Carcharodon

Answer : B

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Step by step video solution for [object Object] by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 12 exams.

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Chapter NameNeet Mock Test 16
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
Type of AnswerVideo
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which of the following is a matching set of class and some of its main distinguishing feature classification and examples ok for what is given in this question that the class is a cyclist Hamare Priya aunty Bihar and contacted and you have the distinguishing features as well along with example the map to find out the correct match OK so before period of less than the standard classification of phylum vertebrata OK Google write your from phylum vertebrata is a certified I'm ok this comes in the phylum chordata bodybuilder ok having two division first division is called as agnatha Aaj Natha Natha Aarti jawless vertebrates ok they are jawless vertebrates and the second division of vertebrae Ta is called as gnathostoma at host

design Jawed vertebrates ok now the organism having another class which is called as cyclones Toma Toma ok and the exam the cyclone tomer they are the circular mouth bearing organisms ok and examples of close to our which is also called as access and this petromyzon ok so this is all amperage and this is the access ok now coming towards its natural store marks that host Roma is a division and under this division there are two superclass ok we have to superclasses your first super classes contact Pisces this is one superclass and the other superclass called as tetrapoda Pisces Aditya

fishes ok so under the spices you have against to type of classes suffices is a superclass ok and under under Pisces tattoo classes 1 is called as conducted solution of the 10 year when is gold coin trick quantitative catalyser services ok and the second one is called as caustic hot actress hot Akshara the Bony fishes ok and under the tetrapoda ko tetrapoda is a superclass ok Undertaker reporter for the organism wearing 4 OK under the tetrapoda we have four classes ok so first class here is contact and CDM for class and CDM other class is called as rectilinear first class second as Birds which is easy

and the fourth class is called as Mariya ok so this is the short division of these are the classification of this fine I'm vertebrata ok sunao will read the option first option is a cyclist Roma which belongs to the division of matter so this is right cycle store ma belong to the division at are having 6 to 15 price of the place is also write and having the endoskeleton bonuses and kar de Haas cartilage Nagar Indore ke little cartoon class aprilia what are the features they belong to division method too much of this is right thing that liya directory India belongs to class certification asatoma this is the epidermis cute epidermis cute matlab there are there after office OK so the skills

they are the epidermis choose this is also write their Bony endoskeleton this example of wall result ok so this is it right option the third option is and CD are that belongs to class tetrapoda this is right and they have the cloaca as a common opening for elementary Canal urinary tract and reproductive tract also ok so it is not just opening of alimentary canal and the reproductive tract so here it becomes incorrect 1 4th option is contract is belong to superclass Kaise bright they are they have the delete without Oppo kilim this is also writes and the exhaust skeleton cartilage is known as long as they don't have exhausted cartoon Urdu skeleton is also encouraged this question your option to choose the correct answer thank you

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