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Class 12






Kingdom Fungi-multicellular Decomposers


Which one is not correctly mat...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

Video Solution: Which one is not correctly matched

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Cytokinin-cell division IAA-cell wall elongation Abscisic acid-stomatal closure , Gibberellic acid--leaf fall

Solution : ABA-Leaf fall.

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Chapter NameKingdom Fungi-multicellular Decomposers
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
Type of AnswerVideo
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you shouldn't have a look at the question question is enjoy causing hair loss are options are creta Faisla Faisla Faisla coprophilous none of the above to see option one by one first one is the correct profile MI 5 I is that which grow on trees grow on whether it grow on here here to all these are the part in which this grow and in this way it causes the hair loss because it is a substrate substrate for going for that Panja is the hairs father and used to it results in the second option we are having that is the pyro file

it grow grow on that we can say that the band or burnt or fired subjective burnt or fired supported on that is Punjabi will grow so it doesn't causes the hair fall because definitely its substrate is altogether different this is incorrect option next is that is the ko profile profile is the type of enjoy your profile as a name indicates copper Romans done so this Panchayat it grow on the the substrate for this Panja is grow on the animal dung so again this is not having any role of the with the hair loss of this is incorrect

option because the correct option is rectified spirit of viruses fungi which grow on father hairs and nails it causes the hair loss for that's option is correct I hope you get it thank you

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Which one is correctly matched
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