Updated on:26/04/2023

Which one is not a feature of Agnatha?


Text Solution

jawless mouth
paired fins
horny teeth


hello tuition se which one is not a feature of a dinner for parasites s jewellers Mouse 3rd year scenes and the fourth one is the only a portion is ur so we can say that it all the organisms in which we can say that has now his present CEO dolas mouth is present in chromosome design so these are the year first one is the parallel sides so yes we can say that they are the auto parasite ok so first one is a feature isn't in any ok but here the ocean is which is not a presented in the first one is why because its present
now see the second 2 second one is a Jewellers mouth so dolas mouth is also a characteristic of the room while because which is not a feature so we have to identify the which correct that is not belong to after than option option turn is a OK so there pain on the characteristic of it is the characteristic of the feed and grow fish belong to win 100 M ok so it is the practice of Ganesh am aur example toffee why because we know that in a Ganesh ok so
in period pain left side ok prepared pin absent crack the stitches below to eat but here here since this is the answer why because it is not a feature of a girl now see the last one so here option for is a phone ok so we can say that it is also a corrector so that it is also from the desorption for this is the answer of question thank you


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