Updated on:30/05/2023

Which one is mismatched? Organisms Life span


Text Solution

Elephant 90 years
Crocodile 60 years
Crow 120 years
Parrot 140 years
The correct Answer is C


hello students have a look at the question question is which one is mismatched organisms and lifespan so first option is the elephant 90 years crocodile crore 1 20 years parrot 140 years in the life and life span is a total time duration organisms average total time duration organisms and from starting from birth till that that that is known as the lifespan of different individuals have the different life if you see the options that is elephant in the option it is elephant crocodile have to see the crocodile crocodile the crow and parrot crow and parrot four different organisms are given and we have to tell them which one is the mismatched
it is having lifespan around 70 to 90 years why I have written 70 to 90 years because it depends upon species to species and country to country particular Habitat to know a single we can't say that it is the average 90 it always the rain 70 to 90 years in crocodile is it is usually 50 to 60 years it is being lifespan average lifespan of a crocodile it has to be considered it is maximum growth can live up to 20 years and it is usually 15 to 20 years lifespan of crow has been considered and parrot show maximum lifespan of 140 so here we can say that the out of these mismatch is the crow crow there showing 120 years but it isn't only fifteen to twenty years
say that 98 is incorrect because we have to tell the mismatch and mismatches the crow option C is the correct for the given statement of you get it thank you