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Class 12






Molecules Of The Cell


Which one is made of a single ...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

Video Solution: Which one is made of a single ring of atoms ?

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Text Solution

Guanine AdenineThymine Glycine.

Answer : C
Solution : N//A

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Chapter NameMolecules Of The Cell
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
Type of AnswerVideo
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In Text - English
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hello student the questionnaires is which one is made up of single ring of atoms while in the options here we are given the nitrogenous bases which are a component of the nucleic acid and is nucleic acids can be either DNA or it may be earning the nitrogen bases are contained in the DNA and RNA values if they are of two type one is the premier and other ones are the urine no pain remedies are the ones which are having a single membered ring like this and the example of this cytosine thymine and you actually can see single member rings here and nitrogen at position above 1 and 3 where are you doing the one which of which are got a double membered ring so curious double membered ring and example is adenine and guanine and nitrogen in this case is a position number 13 7 and 9 so the question

Asha switch which one is this is made up of single ring of atoms so the primitives are made up of single ring of atoms no option for the this is the first one is given as a double membered ring adrenaline is a double membered ring glycine that I mean is a single membrane so it is a purine so option number 3 your become the right answer for this question so that it is a primitive sorry I said pura but it is a pyramid in and pyrimidines have got single ring of atom why glycine does not having the structure of glycine let's draw the structure of glycine in this case will be a group on one side and NH2 group of on the other side and it is the simplest of the amino acid which is doctor neutral types or neutral amino acid licence does not have a ring structure so here we can mark option number 3 that is time in which is a pyramid in right it is not a purine

it is a pyramid and Pyramid in have got single membered rings in having a single ring of atoms like the structure which we have seen here the of thymine this is all about this query option 3 is a right answer thank you

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