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Class 12






Digestion And Absorption


Which one is correctly matched...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Which one is correctly matched ?

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Alpha cells of islets of Langerhans Secretion decreases blood sugar level Oxyntic cells pH between 2.0-3.0Kupffer cells Digestive enzyme that hydrolyses nucleic acids  Sebaceous glands 0n evaporation of secretion cooling is caused. 

Answer : B

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Chapter NameDigestion And Absorption
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello everyone which one is correctly so we have to tell among these which is the correctly by Alpha cells of islets of langerhans decrease sugar level about Alpha cells of islets for which is known as Kis Desh secrete and glucagon main function is to release the glucose from the glycogen stores from the glycogen stored in the liver and

pancreas and it is critical cord blood glucose homeostasis it basically helps in blood glucose and it is the major counterpart of another form with the part of this and that for more it do what it basically decrease the blood sugar level in the blood report liberty and the counter justice glucagon it will increase the Glucose level in the blood the blood sugar in it will increase the Glucose level of blood glucose level of blood sugar level is not to talk about the second what the top shelf

is between 2 to 3 then there was Sonu Parichay and there the stomach that the gas is in French talk about please please tell they secrete what they secrete hydrochloric acid which make the gastric is so basically it is what is it a subject in and around to to talk about this and I told it was exactly what it is the parietal cell and hydrochloric acid and

wind that makes it what that makes it an acidic and the cells are located in the gastric glands are found in the lining of the funders and the body is just now it is discussed that which is that cover design that hydrolyzes the neutral what are the specialised cells in the labour where they are present present in the labour and specialised cells in the liver that destroy the bacteria in protein and worn out blood cell point Ooty protein

hydrolyzed and the microscope glands in the skin that they secrete what they basically it helps in the lubrication of the skin lubrication of the skin and it does not add any rule in the skin cooling when they will not cause any cooler that wasn't Excel between thank you

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