Which one belongs to Arthropoda?
(a) Cuttle Fish
(b) Gold Fish
(c) Star Fish
(d) Silver Fish


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Step by step video solution for Which one belongs to Arthropoda?(a) Cuttle Fish (b) Gold Fish (c) Star Fish (d) Silver Fish by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 12 exams.


hello today's electric question 10 question says that which One belongs to ottapadav belong to Palam orthopoda largest Phylum of animal kingdom largest Phylum and 80% of the organism that we see belong to this file on desktop with the first one that is often a Cuttlefish so the name for Cuttlefish other name is CPM and basically disappear or Cuttlefish basic cable mollika it is the correct option Goldfish Goldfish is basically actually of fish feed belongs to Pisces this is not the correct option left want to third one that a starfish starfish is basically a echinoderm location basically belong to the phylum echinodermata
this can be the correct option on the last one year silverfish the other name for is a Leopard and basically it's a type of the type of auto Court of the state belong to Phylum Arthropoda option diesel what is the correct option I hope you question student thank you

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