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Class 12






Principles Of Inheritance & Variation


Which of the following will no...

Which of the following will not result in variations among siblings ?

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Which of the following will not result in variations among siblings ?


Text Solution

Independent assortment of genesCrossing overLinkage Mutation

Answer : C
Solution : Linkage will not result in variations among siblings because linked genes occur on the same chromosome and are transmitted together. In linkage there is a tendency to maintain the parental gene combinations except for occasional crossovers.


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Which of the following will not result in variations among siblings ?
Chapter NamePrinciples Of Inheritance & Variation
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hello vacation which of the following will not result in variations among the following options are independent assortment of gene crossing over linkage I M ok play discuss all the statement all the options one by one here so here we are talking about the variation among civil in the first option that we have the independent assortment of independent assortment of G is a phenomenon that is given by Mendel so because of the independent assortment what will happen that there are two alleles 4G aur for character we can write two early so there should independently for the formation of G at right angle transfer the genes to the of

independent pendant right to the variation among the right no tower correct option we have crossing over ok to crossing over is the exchange material between the chromosome chromosome write this will also due to the variation among siblings this is also our incorrect statement right and what we have linkage ok to link is will not result in the variation among the sibling because as the studies of more

drosophila what will happen its inheritance depends upon the physical Association physical association and recombination and recombination secondary physical association and recombination various dihybrid crosses were examined in the drosophila by the th Morgan to buy examine these dihybrid crosses what will happen that parantu type genotypes are more than the known Paradise ok if genes are more closer to each other more closer to each other

then they are linked and show less Recombinant recombination rate increase will not result in the variation among the ceiling and forth option we have that is mediation competition is the age of the genetic material change in the genetic material that is our we can say your right to this also lead to the variation of similar to this is also not correct here our right answer the question is options T I hope this will answer your question thank you


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