Which of the following 'suffixes' is used for "family " in classification ?


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Step by step video solution for Which of the following 'suffixes' is used for "family " in classification ? by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 12 exams.


hello the question which of the following fixes that is used for family in classification and options are is one easy and we write to you right answer is AC that is the suffix that is easy that is a fix that used in the classification of plant site and to define the taxonomic revision of the family write two families that hold the fifth place in the old the fifth please in the economy classification and the plant family name that is a plural adjective right and performed by the suffix that is AC and some examples we can take here
what is it was easy right or linear see that is ok and an example that we can take kukur battisi kukur kukur kukur kukur kukur BTC right to Hue that these are the examples of different family needs of plants right so you that family names for plants fungi and algae and with this easy write an other options here that is AIDS is that is suffix used for the order in the classification right
one that cannot be used for any different any tax in the classification and that is used for the suffix for the class in the classification right to the right answer your option I hope this will answer your question

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