Which of the following statements is incorrect in relation to leghaemoglobin ?


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Step by step video solution for Which of the following statements is incorrect in relation to leghaemoglobin ? by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 12 exams.


hello everyone question here is to which of the following statement is incorrect in relation to the blood hemoglobin we have to find the incorrect statement supposedly what is the election of global so that hemoglobin HD oxygen carrying it is it oxygen-carrying fighter globe globe in that is found in the latest found in the nitrogen fixing ok nitrogen fixing nodules root nodules of leguminous plants ok you plants so talking about the option save first option that less hemoglobin functions are the oxygen Scavenger ok so this statement is correct because this let hemoglobin prevent the root node
protecting that is present in root nodules it protects the nitrogenous ok nitro genius enzyme and that's why it is called as the oxygen Scavenger because nitrogen is enzyme is this enzyme is highly sensitive ok highly sensitive to be oxygen so it requires only the anaerobic condition ok Aina Arabic conditions ok Sohail statement is the correct one second statement here is that it synthesized by the host cell so this statement is also correct here because we know that it is synthesized in the root nodules
leguminous plants and share if location is this hemoglobin location is restricted to be host cell cytoplasm ok Titan plus next year is it makes me no dues pink colour this statement is absolutely correct it makes it the pink in colour after this it oxidized the enzyme nitrogen is so this option is incorrect because here this let hemoglobin prevent ok prevent being oxidation of the enzyme that called as the nitrogenous ok so here are the incorrect option in V option number for thank you

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