Question : Which of the following statements is incorrect ?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Which of the following statements is incorrect ?

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Osmoconformers are able to maintain osmotic concentration of their cells by either physiological or behavioural means. Most vertebrates, except the birds and mammnals are unable to thermoregulate. Success of mammals is mainly due to their ability to thermoregulate and live comfortably whether they are in Antarctica or in Sahara desert. None of these

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Osmoconformers are the organisms that change the osmotic concentration of their body with the change in ambient conditions. Their body fluids are in osmotic balance with the environment. For many marine invertebrates the osmolarity and ionic concentrations of their body fluids are similar to those of the sea water in which they live.


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Paschim Vihar to correct incorrect spelling mistake in the office are able to mention cosmetic concentration of the cells but logical order confirmation living organism able to maintain a constant internal environment and internal environment in his body point to change according to the external environment Baton the ambient conditions so whether you're talking about the body temperature osmotic concentration vah Shakti De environment on going to see that by awesome confirm women Randy Orton

not able to maintain a constant of water conservation inside the body when not able to maintain any kind of homeostasis the concentration of their body is going to change in accordance with the Indian osmotic concentration of the osmotic concentration of the surrounding and many of the level where are many Marina concentration in the body is the same as in the water present in the surrounding so name two Indian constant internal environment and they are called osmoconformers able to maintain the statement in water they accept the version mammals are unable to thermoregulation regulation

of body temperature object If temperature is high then also the organism has to maintain constant body temperature in becomes lower than also energetically speaking point of view of energy is always able to maintain the same body temperature and that is why they found in very limited as is very limited group whether it is incidence official aur actors all of them are cold weather and then not able to maintain constant body temperature or do thermoregulation in the correct statement about a braid are unable to access another person now

getting comfortable temperature of Antarctica for high temperature and dry conditions of Sahara desert in boards are the few groups able to maintain constant body temperature in human beings and example of normal body temperature measurement at 27 degree Celsius whether it is summer or winter because we have the ability to time and we were having mean that have become a very large group in the animal kingdom in some very diversify bro and their point B grade B Ed in every Habitat in the world so the reason for the diversification is the ability to maintain the

adverse conditions or the harsh weather conditions so of the incorrect statement option

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