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Anatomy Of Flowering Plants


Which of the following stateme...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Which of the following statements are incorrect? (i). Secondary growth usually occurs in monocotyledons. (ii). Bark refers to all tissues interior to vascular cambium. (iii). Lenticels permit the exchange of gases between the outer atmosphere and the internal tissue of the stem. (iv). Annual rings give an estimate of the age of the tree.

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Text Solution

(i) and (ii) only(i) and (iii) only(i) and (iv) only(ii) and (iv) only

Answer : A
Solution : Secondary growth usually does not occur in monocotyledons. Bark refers to all tissues exterior to vascular cambium.

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division is which of the following incorrect so we have to explain the incorrect statement and then we are given with these statements and then the options given if we consider the statements 1 by 1 1st T20 it says that secondary growth usually occurs in case of monocots so but this statement is not true secondary growth it means that the growth growth of the plant it physically increased the birth of the plant that means the diameter of the plant that is either a stem or root increase but this type of growth pattern it is due to vascular cambium order secondary cancer tissue to vascular or secondary cambium is game it is absent in case of monocot does the secondary growth it does not take place in case of monocot so from here are first statement is incorrect

S statement it states that the bark refers to all the tissues atah interior to the vascular cambium S statements is there but it is the tissue Jetta interior to vascular cambium it happens is the bark it includes all the tissues that are formed by the cork cambium so it is composed of all the issues that are formed of cork cambium these tissues are basically formed by the differentiation of the cork cells it is formed by the did sensation of the Cockroach cortical cells these cortical cells leads to the formation of the birth outside the vascular bundle so it to it develops display on the exterior to which develops exterior to an abundance of from here also

incorrect because it said that in it it is formed due to these are formed it's easier to visit available so 8 S statement it is also incorrect sunao if you talk about the third statement it says that lenticels permit the exchange of gases between outer atmosphere and the internal tissue of the stem statements about this is a correct statement says that the annual rings it gives an estimate of the age of the tree's this is also correct so happened this the annual Rings is this exam form eerily that is by the calculating the number of things we can calculate the number of the Year are basically the age of the earth is this is the correct statement should we come to the option option one says that only one and two statements are increased so we have discussed that one and two statements are incorrect and correct of


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