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Class 12






Nta Neet Test 112


Which of the following stateme...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Which of the following statement is incorrect for gymnosperm?

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Text Solution

Leaves are always compound In Cycas, the pinnate leaves persist for a many years Thick cuticle and sunken stomata of needle-like leaves also help to reduce water loss In conifers, the needle-like leaves reduce the surface area

Answer : B

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Chapter NameNta Neet Test 112
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
Type of AnswerVideo
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In Text - English
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hello students the question here is a which is which of the following statement is incorrect for gymnosperms gymnosperms are the plants in with abuse are not enclosed by over wall and they remain exposed both before and after fertilization so we need to find out why treatment for such type of plants and this statement these statements which are given here are mostly about the structure that is the morphology of the plant will let's talk about the stems of it now stands of it can be an branches in cycle aur Itni branches in finance office address now talking about the leaves of it now the leaves are it says there always compound remember these of gymnosperms can be simple or they may be compounds it can be any of the to this option is given here is a wrong statement does it becomes the right answer for this question option number one is a correct answer not talking about the second one it says in cycles the pinnate leaves persist for many years remember the pinnate leaves

in which there is a pin or a raucous on which the leaflets Karbonn like this ok and this is the Rakesh or the winner on which day leaflets and that this pinnately compound leaf cricket process for many years in case of cycles of this is a write statement that we have thick cuticle Sankalp tomato of needle like leaves also help to reduce the water loss this is also correct in conifers needle like leaves a reduced the surface area this is also carried while we see that the leaves in the gymnosperms are well adapted to the extremes of temperature humidity and wind and it has to reduce the water loss because they occur in an area where this water loss will be more so we need to have some adaptations in these plants that to reduce the water loss from the surface of the only right answer of this question hair become leaders are always compound know they are can be simple or compound sorption of one is the incorrect statement which is written here so this becomes the right answer

question thank you

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