Question : Which of the following shows plasticity?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Which of the following shows plasticity?

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Larkspur Buttercup Cotton All are correct

Answer :


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hello student question you see is which of the following shows plasticity so this is here that the plants for different Pathways In response to environment or phases of life to its forms different kind of structures during the different environments that means when the habitat is changed the structural change and secondly in the phases of life as the phases of life change the structures will also changed so this ability of the plants is called as plasticity to one of the examples of elasticity is profile profile image different types of leaves and this occurs in Nagpur buttercup as well as cotton so here we see that the option of fork in the market as a right answer this question we can markers are the correct answer while what happens in case of it properly let's see the insert plan the use of Jupiter in plants are different in shape

this heterophylly is in reference to the leaves which are different in shape than those in the mature plants so shape of the leaves will vary in different phases of the life on the other hand difference in shape of the least produced those who are having a Terrestrial Habitat and the ones which are having Aquatic Habitat according to the heavy but it is still automatic the shape of the leaves Stage So here this condition is called as the head profile is development due to environment and the phenomenon is called plasticity all the three examples which are given here that is a larkspur buttercup and cotton shoes heterophylly does plasticity will be shown by these two this option of the right answer this question thank you

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QuestionWhich of the following shows plasticity?
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