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Class 12






Biotechnology And Its Applications


Which of the following risks a...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Which of the following risks are associated with genetically modified foods ?

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Text Solution

Toxicity in human beingsAllergic reactions in human beingsAntibiotic resistance in microorganisms present in alimentary canal All of above

Solution :  All of above

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Chapter NameBiotechnology And Its Applications
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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question which of the following this card associated with the genetically modified food options are given for what is the genetically modified crops here in this type of the crops that DNA or the genetic material of these crops are modified by using the genetic engineering nearing by using the genetic engineering technique we can modified a week and introduced the desired trait or desired character with Hindi dance so that we can get the desired product from that this study it has been suggested that that introduction of the desired trait or gene manipulation in the plants will induce some health list in the

humans the health list secondary infertility problems infertility ladies problem as well as there is a problem Niti allergy and allergic reactions then there is a problem such as the Jester industry internal cat gastro-intestinal tract affected by this drops as well as the foetus of the other features of pregnant mother is affected by these cross virus affected because there is it change in jeans Atlas changes take place in the genetic Structure of Plant this will lead to introduce some talking in the last and due to the stocks in various health

8 inches apart from these this GM crops GM crops has been made in the test between cold and allergic test ok allergic alergin test for allergy test by this field because because it has been found that contains some proteins was similar to some surgeons ok that's why they create allergic symptoms for allergic reaction with Hindi human and lead to the reduced the community level of the given options are here they act as a toxic ok because they sometimes contain some toxins then that reduce the allergic reaction within the

this is also true then antibiotic resistance in microorganisms present in alimentary canal Siddiqui defect the alimentary canal as well so that option here is the all of the above

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