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Cell - The Unit Of Life


Which of the following options...

Which of the following options is correct about structures visible in the cross-section of a centriole ?

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Which of the following options is correct about structures visible in the cross-section of a centriole ?


Text Solution

`{:("Peripheral","Central","Hub","Spokes","Inter"),("microtubules","microtubules",,,"triplet"),("(triplets)","(singlets)",,,"bridge"),(" 9"," 2"," 1"," 9"," 9"):}``{:("Peripheral","Central","Hub","Spokes","Inter"),("microtubules","microtubules",,,"triplet"),("(triplets)","(singlets)",,,"bridge"),(" 9"," 2"," 9"," 9"," 9"):}``{:("Peripheral","Central","Hub","Spokes","Inter"),("microtubules","microtubules",,,"triplet"),("(triplets)","(singlets)",,,"bridge"),(" 9"," 2"," 1"," 2"," 2"):}``{:("Peripheral","Central","Hub","Spokes","Inter"),("microtubules","microtubules",,,"triplet"),("(triplets)","(singlets)",,,"bridge"),(" 9"," 0"," 1"," 9"," 9"):}`

Answer : D
Solution : A centriole possesses a whorl of nine peripheral fibrils. Fibrils are absent in the centre. The arrangement is, therefore, called `9 + 0` which run parallel to one another but an an angle of `40^(@)`. Each fibril is made up of three subfibres called triplet fibril. The three sub-fibres are in reality microtubules joined together by their margins and, therefore, sharing the common walls made of 2-3 protofilaments. The centre of centriole possesses rod-shaped proteinaceous mass known as hub. The hub has a diameter of `2.5 nm`. From the hub, develops 9 proteinaceous strands towards the peripheral triplet fibrils called radial fibres or spokes.


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Which of the following options is correct about structures visible in the cross-section of a centriole ?
Chapter NameCell - The Unit Of Life
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hello everyone so has the question is which of the following options is correct about structure visible in the cross-section of a century alright options given R1 is my kadavule 8889 Centre microtubules English to her B 169 interpret Bridge second option is peripheral microwave use dipper at night centre microtubules English to her 20 9 Sports online inter 888 Plus is night third option is peripheral microtubules triplets 9cm microtubules English to ab is one spokes h to enter triplets which is put option is peripheral microtubules 8889 Centre microtubules English 01419 inter 888 bridge and right so first of all we should know structure of Central consists of structure of

centriole consist of proposes a hole of 9 evenly peripheral fibrils of tubulin 9 evenly peripheral fibril of tubulin right it is it is absent in centre absent in enter

this fabrics of tubulin are absent in the centre right right and therefore the arrangement is called 9 + 0 arrangement arrangement 9 + 0 right then each fibril is made up of three star fibre right IIT fibre is made up of three three fibres right and therefore it is called triplet fibril is called

because of the presence of three sub fibres in each February they are called triplet fibril triplet fibril consisting of stuff fibre ABC a kite is fibre consists of three star fibres that are a b and c and therefore are called triplet fibre right and the exit Intrepid fibres are connected by CA proteinaceous linker CA protein share

linker write this adjustment fabrics are triplet February a b c are connected by CA proteinaceous linkus that then at the centre of the centre of the processes a draught she proteinaceous mass known as hub of centriole consists of a rod shaped a rod shape proteinaceous Mars known as hub right to the

hub is present at the centre of centriole right and it is not ship from hub 9 proteinaceous stands are developed over the Periphery triplet fibres from hub nine proteinaceous friends develop and developed towards the peripheral triplet fibre peripheral 888 fibre

fibrils write these Trends are called radius book to buy this we get to know that there are present 9 radius book it and due to presence of religious books and peripheral fibrous the central give the cartwheel appearance due to presence of radial spokes and peripheral fibrils

give cartwheel appearance right and there is no membrane boundary for a central right but it is surrounded by a pericentriolar satellites also known as microtubule generator or mtg Central is surrounded by main kyon aur mtg mtg is microtubule generator

so the so in the question given above in options you can see porifera microtubules 9 microtubules are to write this is rock as there are no microtubules present in the centre in second option also microtubules are to this is also wrong in third option Centre microtubules are all to this is also long and The Fourth option the paper microtubules and 9 Central microtubules are zero hub is 16 and identity providers and show the correct option is D right Swag final answer is option De natak

peripheral micro tubules are nine Central micro reviews zero hub 1 radial spoke 9 right and inter triplet brothers R night triplet bridges are also thank you


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